Calling all Ecophiles! UNITE! We must fight for change. Feed your passion. Let’s connect, engage, and learn. It is up to us to define the future. Only we can prevent ecocide.


            Now that we’re acquainted as Ecophiles, I’d like to tell you a little bit about me. My path to ecophilia began as a kid romping through the woods of rural PA. When not outside, I sat at the upright piano in my parents’ dining room, pursuing my childhood passion for music. In middle school, I even…

COVID v. Climate

As we slowly emerge from a global pandemic, it feels as if a bright new dawn has risen after a long night. Will we forget the darkness and bury it deep in our collective subconscious, or will we remember the lessons learned? Unfortunately, as with all disasters, we too often settle into comfort without correcting…

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